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Sue McGlothlin

Sue McGlothlin Photography

Louisburg, NC


Clients: "Pictures for the soul" and "Leave it to you to turn a 123 year old Victorian home with peeling paint, into something that looks like it came from the pages of Dickens's Christmas Carol!"

Growing up in Ketchikan, Alaska, I was inspired by the extraordinary sights of the Pacific Northwest from an early age. Essentially self-taught, I became interested in photography while living in Washington and developing my first photograph in a high school dark room. Years of working full time and raising children didn't provide free time to pursue my creative passions. In 2010, my architect husband and grand daughter and I moved from California and bought a historic house and farm in Bunn, North Carolina. I became inspired by the beauty and history that surrounds me in our new home. I literally wore out my old camera, taking pictures of the wildlife and historic buildings near our home. I love exploring the beautiful state of North Carolina, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and creating one of-a-kind images. See Press Releases for more information and links to sites.

- Peoples' Choice Winner for Slow Exposures 2012 "Behind The Curtains".

- SlowExposures 2014, My image, "Red Perm" one of seventy images out of 1,100, was juried into the show.

- CNN's Photo Blog
- The cover of Kitchen Drawer Illustrated Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 6.
- SlowExposures 2012, Ten Year Anniversary, Celebrating Photography of the Rural South, page 13.

I'm pleased to announce, as of August 1, 2013, I will be showing my work at The Cotton Company, Wake Forest, North Carolina.

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Tobacco farm by Sue McGlothlin


The road to Thomas Jefferson's house by Sue McGlothlin


Change is in the air by Sue McGlothlin


Frozen Reflections by Sue McGlothlin


USA by Sue McGlothlin



A new day by Sue McGlothlin


Pine cone by Sue McGlothlin


Family farm by Sue McGlothlin


Wild rose by Sue McGlothlin


Little Cabin by Sue McGlothlin


Let's take a walk by Sue McGlothlin


My best friend by Sue McGlothlin


Spot the pocket beagle by Sue McGlothlin


Kammi - acrylic painting by Sue McGlothlin